Static vs Dynamic Website: Which one do I need?

by | Nov 30, 2022 | Business

Static vs Dynamic Website: What Is the Difference?

A website’s design is usually defined by the characteristics of its content: whether the content changes, remains still, or updates over time. There are two types of web design: static or dynamic. This post will help you determine which type of design is best for your website.

    Static websites.

    Static or Fixed websites are the simplest websites in terms of design. They basically are a set of Web pages which contains fixed content. Each page built in HTML code and displays the same information to everyone who visits that page. The content of each page does not change unless it is manually updated by the site manager/editor. These websites are basically informative. This Window Cleaner website is an example of a site with Static content/ Static website.

    Dynamic websites

    A dynamic website is a set of Web pages which either the content is updated often or shows different content every time that is visited or the content is generated in real time. Each time a visitor refreshes a page, different content appears on the screen based on the logic rules applied to that page. For example, e-commerce websites, the content showed depends on the parameters or instructions given by the user. Dynamic websites are built by using different programming languages JSP, PHP, etc, and databases like Oracle, MySQL etc. This kind of websites are “heavier”and the loading time is usually longer than the Static websites.

    You can include in the Dynamic websites list, those with contact form, filters, search, etc. 

    To conclude, dynamic websites allow the users to interact with the content providing them with the info based in their instructions. the static websites provide information that cannot be manipulated by the user.

    Knowing this information, you can now have a better idea of what kind of website you need based on the content you’ll display on it.

    Dynamic content in a websites includes contact forms, filters, search, etc.

    Example of a Dynamic Website with search option.