Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

For Local Small Business

Having a website and social media profiles is a good start, now is time to let the world and your future customers know that your business exists. And we do so by building an online presence.

As a local small business you can take advantage of all the options available for creating a presence and attracting the customers that need the products or services you offer. And we are here to show you the right marketing strategy to get the word out in the digital world with our Digital Marketing for Local Business.

Because we are currently living in a digital world where almost everyone has a smart device with internet access and with all the information, products and services offered online, we can definitely say that we have the world in our hands.


What’s included

Our Marketing Plan for Local Business

Google MyBusiness

Have your business listed in the most used online directory. And a strategy to get visible from search and rank on GoogleMaps.

Google and Bing Indexing

We let Google and Bing know that your website exist so you don’t need to wait until their bots find it.


Social Media account setup

We create or help you create your profile on the social network relevant to your business.

Marketing Training

We teach you the steps to follow to keep your marketing strategy running.

Google and Bing Indexing

If you are a local business, our Digital Marketing is part of your full Digital package (Web design + Marketing Strategy).


Social Media Integration

Once your social media profiles are created, we integrate them into your website.


SEO Set up

We offer On page SEO to make your website easy to find by search engines like Google.



How long does it take to build my website?

We aim to deliver your website in 4 weeks, however this timeframe can be shorter or longer depending on the content (text, images, videos) received from the client as scheduled.

Please note that ecommerce websites can take up to 8 weeks due their complexity.

Will i be able to edit the content of my website?

Yes, after completion we will provide you with the access and training to update and edit your website content.

This training is recorder and shared with you so you can review it anytime you need to.

Is the Marketing Strategy available for all projects?

We are currently focuss on marketing for local businesses busting their ranking and visibility on Google.

Will my website be mobile friendly?

Of course, we design responsive websites which means your site will work on any device (computer or mobile).